YOGADEVON: Yoga Classes in North Devon


Welcome to YogaDevon. My name is Naomi Chunilal and this website, YogaDevon is about the yoga classes, workshops and complementary therapies that I offer in North Devon.

I am a yoga and meditation teacher, registered with the British Wheel of Yoga, with over twenty five years of practice experience; also a professional and experienced therapeutic bodywork practitioner and complementary therapist.

Yoga Classes

YogaDevon offers yoga classes and workshops across North Devon for all ages and abilities. You will explore your physical and emotional edges, opening awareness and creating more joy, vitality and ease to take with you into life off your yoga mat. My teaching objective is to inspire, support and guide you to deepen your understanding and insight through the reflection of this within your yoga practice.

Complimentary Therapies

At YogaDevon, I offer therapeutic bodywork treatments including: aromatherapy, holistic massage, reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki.  Holistic therapies can be a powerful catalyst to support your individual needs on your journey of self-healing.


At YogaDevon, I facilitate workshops through the year across North Devon: Yoga through the seasons, Mindfulness, Reiki attunements, Reflexology, Massage, Meditation sessions, and Hatha, Yin and Heart Vinyasa flow yoga workshops to connect with different aspects of practice.

Author of ‘the Mindful Mother’

Also, the author of ‘The Mindful Mother: a Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness,‘ published by Watkins Publishing (2015), available at Amazon and Waterstones.

‘The Mindful Mother’ offers simple guidance and inspiration to support you through pregnancy, labour and into motherhood. Through meditation and awareness techniques using Buddhist and yogic practices, you can cultivate a mindfulness practice to create greater happiness, insight and fulfilment through the ups and downs of being a mother. A lifeline to women who want to understand the paradox of ‘I really love my baby and family but….” and consciously grow into mothering life.