What is Yoga?

The word Yoga means “Union” – to deepen consciousness between mind, body and spirit. We spend much of our lives searching for harmony, happiness and wellbeing. Yet despite our efforts, these often remain elusive as we try to make sense of our humanity in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and changing world. You may decide to start yoga now, because your life feels out of balance; you need to de-stress, learn to relax, stretch out tight shoulders, release a painful lower back, or improve other symptoms of physical and mental discomfort. This is your starting point from which to explore whom you are, to cultivate greater vitality, happiness and inner peace in resolving the challenges of living.

Yoga gives you a compass through which to discover your own spirituality, and feel more able to cope, thrive and enjoy the complexities of modern day life. As relevant today, as when Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras over two thousand years ago, yoga is the art of cultivating self-awareness and realising true potential. To open up self-imposed boundaries held in mind and body that may hold you back from living with greater ease, joy and fulfilment. As a yoga teacher, I hope to encourage you to develop a yoga practice that creates new possibilities, touching mind, heart and body long after you have rolled up your yoga mat. This is the living, breathing gift of yoga.


What kind of Yoga do you teach?

There are so many different Yoga teaching traditions following in the footsteps of Iyengar, Scaravelli, Pattabhi Jois, Krishnamacharya, Anusara, Sivananda and so on. Each leading to a unifying source of wisdom and truth. Each of us will follow our own individual life path, regardless of the name that we then choose to put on this.  As we all perceive life differently, so too, we each experience something unique within the colours and hues of different types of Yoga practice.  There is something for everyone in Yoga.

As a Yoga teacher in North Devon, I don’t aspire to follow a definitive Yoga lineage which is like this or like that.  I would rather guide you to plant seeds of genuine change, creating an individual Yoga practice which lives and breathes with you. As your practice grows, you will start to harvest joy, insight, abundance as your body and mind opens and changes.

Can anyone do yoga?

It truly doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned yogi, bendy, flexible or as stiff as a plank of wood. Anyone can enjoy and benefit from a Yoga practice, regardless of your age, fitness level or physical background. As a Yoga teacher in North Devon, my classes are warm, friendly and welcoming with a wide range of people practicing from all walks of life.

A yoga class will include:

  • Physical exercises known as Asanas to strengthen, tone and purify the body
  • Cleansing practices or Shatkarma to release and cleanse emotional and physical stagnation
  • Breathwork or Pranayama to enhance life energy and balance mental activity
  • Inward reflection or Pratyhara to sharpen and focus mental attention and perception
  • Meditation to cultivate insight and awareness