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YOGA DEVON – Autumn 2021

Hi lovely yoga people
As we steadily move into Autumn, summer will soon become a memory of long, warm, sunny days. And as the trees start to shed their leaves we will also feel the turning of the seasons as we greet days of shorter light hours and lowering temperatures. And so, our yoga practice may start to lead us inwards to nurture and nourish our wellbeing and wellness. Autumn is a beautiful time to restart and reset our yoga practice – building intentions of self-care to nourish our intuition, happiness, immunity and energy levels so that the seasonal rhythm of change leads us to find balance in both flow and stillness. Whatever life is bringing forth, keep trusting and enjoying the harvest of each day, each moment, each breath. It’s all we have to share and enjoy together – every leaf on the tree has a perfect moment to let go and fall down to earth.

There is an ongoing online Monday morning class for those who like to practice at home. Also weekly Wednesday studio classes at the Tarka Clinic, Barnstaple along with Saturday workshops each month. I’m ensuring safe distancing and mat space, and safe covid practice whilst also enjoying the freedom that comes with teaching face-to-face, and sharing yoga with you in person.

Get in touch by email – or else use the contact form on the website to book onto a class.

Ultimately, whatever uncertainty is arising in the world around us, we can still enjoy yoga and meditation together…

Keep happy, safe and well, Naomi xx

Welcome to YOGADEVON

My name is Naomi Chunilal, and I am a yoga and meditation teacher living in North DSunshine and cloudsevon. Yoga and meditation are a lifelong passion in my life, guiding me to live with greater happiness and contentment on many levels. My teaching aim is to inspire and support you to use yoga and meditation as life tools to open up the flow of mindfulness, wellbeing and inner peace in your own life, both on and off a yoga mat. With twenty five years of yoga and meditation practice, I’m also a holistic therapist and Usui Reiki Master, all of which help me to cultivate understanding of our relationship to mind, body and spirit.

This website YogaDevon will tell you more about the yoga and wellbeing classes, workshops, retreats, and complementary therapies that I offer across the South West.

Yoga Classes

My yoga classes are friendly, welcoming and suitable for down-to-earth people with ‘not trying to be perfect’ bodies of all shapes, ages and sizes – all wobbly, unfit, stiff and creaky parts included! Coming to a yoga class will definitely help your body to become more flexible, balanced, toned and vibrant. Yet yoga can also transform how you perceive yourself and world beyond a yoga mat. Touching your heart, cultivating mindfulness, opening up a flow of energy, trust and wellness in being you.

As such, I’m dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation as creative, intuitive tools of inner growth, contentment and wellbeing. My teaching style is infused by nature, guided by meditation, and mindful Hatha and Vinyasa flow, Yin and Anusara yoga, all of which I love exploring on my own mat. Teaching with compassion, individual attention and empathy, I will guide you to find and enjoy a yoga practice that works for you and that starts from your individual health and life circumstances. I hope that yoga gives you the freedom to live with intuitive awareness, happiness, grace and ease during the short time we have together on this beautiful planet.

Complimentary Therapies

At YogaDevon, I offer complementary therapies including aromatherapy, holistic massage, reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki. These can be a powerful catalyst to support you on your journey of self-healing, inner growth and wellness.


At YogaDevon, I also facilitate Saturday morning workshops each month throughout the year across North Devon. These are lovely informal gatherings to deepen and explore your practice: mindfulness, meditation, chi gung, hatha flow and heart vinyasa flow, yin, yoga nidra and restorative yoga, breath work and relaxation sessions to develop and integrate different aspects of yoga and mindfulness practice into your daily life off a mat. Vegan chai tea and cakes are always included!

I also run Usui Reiki attunement, chakra and subtle energy, and holistic therapy workshops throughout the year. Please look on the YogaDevon workshop page or contact me for more information.

Publications: ‘the Mindful Mother’

bookAlso, the author of ‘The Mindful Mother: a Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness,’ published by Watkins Publishing (2015), available at Amazon and Waterstones.

‘The Mindful Mother’ offers simple guidance and inspiration to support you through pregnancy, labour and into early motherhood. Through meditation and self-awareness techniques using Buddhist and yoga practices, you can cultivate a mindfulness practice through the joys and challenges of becoming a mother. For women who want to understand the paradox of ‘I really love my baby and family but….” and consciously enjoy growing into mothering life.


This is a book I highly recommend to mothers and mothers-to-be. It is like an insightful friend who understands deeply what becoming and being a mother really means. — Janet Balaskas, Founder of Active Birth 

Naomi’s book is inspiring and encouraging, realistic and open-hearted. She addresses the deep challenges and joys of mothering from a truly profound perspective and her book will be of huge benefit to any woman who ever pauses to think about just what we are trying to do when we mother our children. –Uma Thuli Dinsmore, Founder of the Womb Yoga Movement

An essential guide every woman will benefit from reading, as she moves on her journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. It will encourage and empower you to think about your new role as a mother in a unique, more mindful way, and the part you play in the glorious process of creation as you bring new life into the world. –Tara Lee, leading pregnancy and postnatal teacher, The Life Centre, London

A book you will keep referring to help inspire a spiritual mindful practice in the day-to-day of motherhood.  A book full of gems and aha moments using simple and helpful tools and practices to keep you connected to yourself while looking after your family. –Nadia Narain, Head of Pregnancy Yoga, Triyoga, London