hartland3I offer holistic and complementary therapies in North Devon to support you through all phases of life. Each treatment session includes a confidential consultation to discuss your medical history, needs and expectations.

A treatment session may help to restore the natural flow of energy within mind and body, balance the body’s systems and act as a catalyst of self-healing. This can help you to reconnect and maintain a high level of natural vitality and wellbeing.

All holistic therapies cost £30 for half an hour, £50 for one hour, and £60 for one hour and 15 minutes, and £70 for one and a half hours of treatment time.

Aromatherapy oils are included in all treatments if required. You can combine or choose a single therapy, to create a personal healing experience that resonates with you.




      Holistic Massage & Bodywork


      Reiki & Chakra Balancing

      Indian Head Massage