Spring time

Springtime Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop – 11 March, 1000-1230, Barnstaple, £30 including vegan chai and cakes

A Yin workshop to open ourselves to receive the energetic flow of spring rising. As the earth awakens, sap rises and nature starts to unfurl and blossom, this workshop will explore how to lift, cleanse and energize our vitality, consciousness and lift immunity through the slow unfolding and release of yin yoga.

Working with our Liver and Gallbladder meridians to balance the element of wood, this restorative workshop will combine a balance of inner stillness with longer yoga holds to deeply relax, release tension and restore mind and body, leading you into the blissful calm of Yoga Nidra (inner journeying meditation). The equivalent of a yogic massage and deep sleep leading you into alignment, flexibility and balance with the changing season.




Yoga Chakra Workshop, Sat 1 or 15 April – let me know what date works for you, £30 including vegan chai and cakes, Barnstaple

A yin yoga workshop to balance and align our Chakras, the seven subtle energetic centres in our mind-body matrix, through the powerful somatic longer holds of yin yoga asana. Through exploring and opening the flow of prana within each of our Chakra energy centres, we will access our interior world and develop a deeper awareness of how our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies interplay and weave through and with each other. A workshop to gain a deeper understanding of your subtle body, and to explore connections beneath the physical surface in our relationships to the different layers of perception and awareness that shape us.

The Yin yoga practice will use longer holds with an emphasis on surrender and yielding, rather than doing; an approach that facilitates deep fascial release in our interconnective tissues and musculature. Focusing on the internal organs that reflect each chakra within our endocrine system, we will gently balance the meridian that links different energy pathways together in alignment. The deepest offering of a Yin practice is its potential capacity to deepen insight and mindfulness, in the practice of witnessing, softening into, and receiving different sensations, emotions/feelings and thoughts that may rise up within the psyche. Travelling along the Chakra pathway will bring our subtle body into balance and alignment, revealing different mind-body-spirit inner connections on many levels.




Lifting vibration: a healing arts yoga journey to transform and lift our subtle energy body, Sat 6 or 13 May – let me know which works best, 1000-1230, Barnstaple, £30 including vegan chai and cakes.

A gentle, profound healing arts workshop that will guide you on a bioenergetic somatic healing journey using kundalini yoga, chi gung, breathwork and yoga therapy to deepen understanding and perception of how to empower ourselves to lift our energetic vibration, heal stagnant, dense and heavy energetic blockages, and refine the dance and flow of prana within us.

The workshop will encourage new ways of being, opening perspective in how we shape our relationship with our body, mind, emotions, heart and shape the reflection of this outwards into our relationships with self, earth and others.