Summertime Yin Yoga

Saturday 31 July 2021, 1000-1230, £25 including vegan chai and cakes.

Where: by Marwood Gardens (10 minutes from Barnstaple) – A Yin yoga morning with the sounds of the stream flowing and birdsong around you.

In this Yin yoga workshop, you will slow down to enjoy and relax into longer soft holds, giving yourself time and space to open up self-perception to truly feel where you are, how you are, and find acceptance and freedom from accumulated tension. Stretching out and easing into your parameters, expand out your comfort zones and enjoy soaking up the abundance of peace and ease that comes of making contact with yourself and letting go into what you are actually feeling in the moment as it rises.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners.


image-1Alpaca Yoga Workshop – a morning of nature-inspired yoga, relaxation and sensory immersion in nature with a herd of alpacas

When: Sat 18 April 2020: 1000-1230,
Where: Rosebud Ranch, Kings Nympton, North Devon
Cost: £50 including vegan cakes and chai tea

This workshop may sound a little strange and out there! After spending a wonderful afternoon with Lucy Aylett in a meadow with her herd of alpacas near Kings Nympton in Autumn, I left feeling so happy and peaceful. And well…bemused at just how relaxing it felt to be in the company of these lovely, gentle animals, surrounded by nature. I actually fell in love with the whole experience!

So when Lucy contacted me to ask if I would like to run a yoga workshop, I thought I would love to share this with you! Sitting here on this rather dark and rainy January afternoon, when I remember the feeling of being with the alpacas, it still makes me feel very happy and smile. So, whilst this may not be your ‘normal’ Saturday yoga workshop, but I can promise you something quite unique and fun!

Come and enjoy a morning of nature inspired yoga, mindfulness and sensory immersion with the alpacas in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. yoga. It will be from 1000-1230, and will cost £40 including vegan cakes and chai tea as usual.

Numbers are strictly limited so get in touch if you’d like to book a place.

With love

Naomi xx