Yoga movement medicine – the art of bioenergetic and emotional healing

Sat 29th Oct, £25 to include vegan chai and cakes, Tarka Clinic, Barnstaple 

The workshop will focus on using yoga and energy work to allow our emotions to flow lightly and smoothly – a simple, profound session of bioenergetic movement and stillness to shift and transform emotional holding patterns and blockages – useful when your emotions feel repetitive, heavy, stuck and hard to shift.

This practice will help to shift and lift some of the more challenging sensations that the human heart can feel, enabling us to cultivate more insight and space into our emotional body in which to digest, assimilate and enjoy the inner flow of energy within us, infusing this with lightness, joy and tranquility.

A simple, profound practice to heal trauma and emotional turmoil held in mind and body, creating a gentle, safe and nurturing dialogue with yourself, guiding you to peace and equanimity.